Outlaw Armageddon – BOOST12 Mustang Dominates Small Tire Class

August 24th, 2016

Outlaw Armageddon - BOOST12 Mustang Dominates Small Tire Class 01The BOOST12 Cobra Mustang (prepared by Dean’s Perfromance) is arguably one of the baddest street cars on planet earth, with a big block Chevrolet engine and a pair of turbochargers. Nevertheless, it runs in the small tire class of No Prep Drag Racing. That can make it pretty challenging to even get down the track without an incident, much less win a fat wad of cash ($20K today) by making it through the finals.

It’s Outlaw Armageddon and, after a successful night of testing, round one at Thunder Valley Raceway Park begins with the BOOSTED12 Mustang going against a capable Camaro, named Dragula. Both cars get really unstable out of the hole but B12 manages to hook up for the win. Round two finds B12 butting heads with a nitrous Camaro. The mutated pony car again proves to be too much for the competition and pulls out the win. It’s round three and we have another nitrous Camaro planning to upset BOOST12. The Chevy looks good, and it’s a close race, but B12 comes out on top.

Into the quarter finals and B12 is lining up in the left lane against a boosted Ego ‘Stang. B12 spanks him by a car length and a half. In the semi finals we have a sweet looking blue twin turbo Mustang vs. B12. The blue car jumps the start line and gives B12 the win. Sometimes you just need a little luck. In the finals, B12 takes on FLACO in his radical S10. Who wins? Check out the video to find out.

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