Corn Husker Dig Racing

December 29th, 2017

Those Midwestern farm boys (and girls) are at it again. They have parked the tractors and combines and thrown away the pitchforks. Now they are behind the wheels of some bad street racing iron and they have come together for a day of racing action.

On hand are naturally aspirated cars, turbo cars, twin turbo cars, nitrous cars, and supercharged cars. There are plenty of Chevys and Fords; there is even a DSM and a crazy fast rotary powered Datsun (old Nissan). The one thing that all these racers have in common is their desire to take home all the prize money and bragging rights as the king of Nebraska (Mexico) street racing.

Round 1

  • Nitrous Chevy Malibu (G-Body) vs. Turbo Mustang

The Ford gets squirrely coming out of the hole and the Chevy takes the win.

  • Procharged 1968 Camaro vs Nitrous GenV Camaro

The muscle car gets the holeshot and the GenV never gets hooked up

  • DSM vs Turbo GenV Camaro

The Camaro looks faster but the DSM made a race of it; Camaro wins.

  • Turbo 1965 Mustang vs rotary powered Datsun

I’ve seen this Datsun run lots of times and I’ve never seen it lose. He doesn’t lose here either. Vintage Mustang gets gapped.

Round 2

  • Turbo Camaro vs Datsun

This is a close one but the Datsun wins again.

  • Procharged 1965 Camaro vs N/A Malibu

Another close one and the classic Camaro wins it by a fender


The Datsun squeaks past the Camaro for the win and all the dough.

There are numerous grudge matches on this clip as well.

Have a gander for yourself.

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