3000HP Camaro Dominates Small Tire No Prep

March 10th, 2019

Greetings drag racing fans. Join me as this clip takes us back to the Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, Oklahoma for Outlaw Armageddon. This event is being billed as the World Series of No Prep but can it live up to the hype? Take a look.

Fresh off three consecutive wins, Tony V and his Gen IV Camaro are looking to grab the $25,000 grand prize in the Small Tire Class. Despite finishing up a new setup only about a month prior to this season, Tony and crew think they can make it four in a row. Safe to say that they are really pleased with their new ProCharger situation. Tony’s Camaro is rocking a Steve Morris, 540 cubic-inch motor with an F3 ProCharger (from a 580-cube with single-fogger nitrous). This setup should prove much more reliable. It is capable of producing 3,000hp. Way overkill for any No Prep track that I’ve seen.

Cannibalism in the first round as Tony takes on another Camaro with a supercharger. After knocking the tires off around 60-feet, Tony reigns it in and takes the win.

Round Two pits Tony’s Camaro against a sweet black Nova running nitrous. Nova spins a bit coming out of the hole and leaves the door open for Tony to take the victory.

It’s Round Three and the sun is setting in the Okie sky. Tony is taking on a blown Gen I Camaro that just can’t keep the front wheels on the ground. Tony takes the win and draws a bye run in the semi-final.

Our boy made it to the final round, and now all he has to do is win a single pass for $25K. If I were a betting man – I’d bet on Tony and crew. Check it out.

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