Dirty South No-Prep

May 26th, 2017

This clip opens like the preview to a horror movie. It has pretty (but extremely capable) Kayla Morton battling a big old ugly White Zombie in her multi-colored Mustang ProMod.

Most of you drag racing fans will probably remember Kayla from previous videos. In addition to being a solid racer, she is the significant other of Street Outlaws’ Boosted GT driver, Chris Hamilton.

I hope that most of you will also remember the White Zombie (from earlier in the month). We saw it at an event cursed with a terrible loss of traction, chiefly attributed to cold weather.

This video shows us that the Zombie has gotten a driver and is getting dialed-in to what could be one fast No-Prep monster. It also shows us that Kayla is a force with which to be reckoned on any given day at any track.

Despite a zombie (at full strength) in the opposite lane and demons in the light tree, Kayla manages to overcome the competition and roll away victorious.

Kayla’s Mustang is equipped with a ProCharger while the White Zombie is a nitrous car.

Check out all the action for yourself.

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