WHITE ZOMBIE – 1967 Chevy II

May 24th, 2017

No, it doesn’t stumble through the streets mumbling monster mumbo-jumbo, nor does it thirst for the taste of human blood, but the WHITE ZOMBIE is one-hundred-percent scary!

While we understand that the WHTE ZOMBUE will (one day  soon) be scary fast, the San Antonio Bounty Hunters No-Prep Event finds this monster of a drag car in need of a driver. The zombie’s intended wheel-man is away at a weekend wedding and didn’t make the trip. That puts the car’s owner behind the wheel and – let’s just say – it’s a good thing that nobody got hurt.

The crew of the Swamp Thing is also responsible for this Chevy which is rocking a paint job that is on the trendy side. From a distance, it looks as if the Zombie has just rolled out of a salvage yard with its rusted patina and unapologetic blemishes, but upon closer inspection you will see multiple clear coats that make this thing sparkle like a star. You have to check out the airbrushed dash, too.

Under the hood there dwells a beast of a nitrous-fed 632 cubic-inch Reher Morrison Racing engine. It has a multi-carb setup being injected copious amounts of go-go juice (at least a 500-shot). With a skilled driver, this should be the fastest zombie (of any color) that you ever did see.

This is the Zombie’s maiden voyage. We are looking forward to seeing what the WHITE ZOMBIE can do, as the season progresses.

Check out this video to see some of the premier No-Prep cars in the nation running wild.

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