Blown 1953 Corvette – Big Tire – No Prep

May 20th, 2017

This beast of a C1 Corvette just seems to suit No-Prep Drag Racing. It is an old school sports car with a massive blower poking up through the hood so what better place to show out than the Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals II.

Even though our feature ride is sporting a Tim McAmis race car chassis, a Winger Racing engine, a set of big old racing slicks, and a giant blower, it still pulls off that classic muscle car look.

What is even more impressive than the appearance of this car is the sound. This thing is making some serious (undisclosed) power and it rattles the lights on every pass.

The all aluminum power plant is 565 cubic-inches and it has a gargantuan 14-71 blower churning air on top of that. When this monster accelerates, the meek run for cover.

As you know, No-Prep is intended to simulate the conditions of street racing as closely as possible, in the safer confines of a drag strip complex. With that in mind, you can always expect traction to be fleeting throughout No-Prep events. Like street racers, No-Prep racers ride a fine line between overwhelming power and just enough traction to go from point A to point B. No-Prep is challenging but it sure is fun.

Several competitors shake the tires off during this event, making for some close calls and drawing shrieks from the crowd. This is closely contested drag racing as it was meant to be. Check it out!

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