1800HP Twin Turbo Chevy S10

January 14th, 2017

Hello race fans – here’s the skinny – Flacco has got one fast Chevrolet S10 pickup. Get it? Because Flacco translates to skinny in English? No? Oh well, let’s talk No Prep.

No Prep racing runs just as it sounds. There is no acetone or other chemicals that are sometimes used to clean excessive rubber from the track. Instead, these racers line up and attack the pavement in whatever state they find it. No Prep racing is as close to genuine street racing as anything that you will experience at a drag strip.

Flacco’s S10 is well equipped with an LSX 7.0-liter V8 (on alcohol) and a pair of 85-millimeter turbochargers. He is racing in two separate classes in this clip. The first class is the 29-inch Tire Class and the second class is the King of the Tailgate Class.

Flacco comes through in the 29-inch Tire Class and takes the crown against some pretty tough competition. Seems like King of the Tailgate should be a cake-walk, right? After all it’s just a bunch of pickup trucks.

Hold your horses; this group of Cowboy Cadillacs is loaded with some rough customers (including Jackie Knox of the Street Outlaws television program in his Big Tire Sonoma). You don’t want to miss this No Prep action!

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