Five-Second Twin Turbo Fox Body

November 13th, 2016

five-second-twin-turbo-fox-bodyIt’s raining fives! You don’t want to miss this video depiction of the Fiscus/Klugger TT Mustang becoming the first radial tire equipped car to dip into 5-second territory (5.92-seconds @ 249 mph) in the 1/4-mile. As if that wasn’t good enough, the Fiscus/Klugger Team continued to rain down 5-second passes (in the 240+ mph range) throughout the weekend on the way to stealing the show and taking home the $20,000 in prize money at the Haltech World Cup Finals.

This Fox Body Mustang weighs in at a svelte 3,100-pounds and is well heeled with a pair of Precision 94-millimeter turbochargers stuffing profuse amounts of air into a 526 cubic-inch Pro Line Racing engine. A FuelTech FT500 controller keeps everything marching to the same drummer and helped a sheepish driver to pull off a World Cup best (at the time) 5.97-second pass @ 252 mph during testing (before the car owner arrived at the event- a definite no-no!)

There is no shortage of top-shelf drag racing action on this clip but I particularly enjoyed seeing the Fiscus/Klugger team pull off a (hole-shot) victory against a 2JZ Celica, after parading through the pits with Old Glory flying proudly. The chrome-illusion paint job on the classic Mustang (in the semi-final round) is must see, as well.

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