Novacain – 8-Second Twin Turbo Chevy

January 6th, 2016

Novacain - 8-Second Twin Turbo ChevyThis badaxe looking Chevy cruised the mandatory 30-miles (without incident) into the Indianapolis Street Car Takeover and immediately garnered the attention of the masses. After all, what self respecting racing enthusiast isn’t intrigued by a tubbed-out Yenko Nova with a pair of turbos peeking through the grille?

This pretty powerhouse is adequately equipped with a Dart LS next aluminum racing engine (just under 400-cubic-inches), a set of 76-millimeter turbochargers with a huge ice-water intercooler (running as much as 40 psi of boost), a T&T transmission, and a Big Stuff controller. This car runs consistent low 8-second passes all day and wins the Street Car class.

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