Kayla Morton’s Procharged Mustang

September 2nd, 2016

Kayla Morton’s Procharged Mustang 01Kayla MortonYou might say that the hottest ticket in drag racing today is No Prep. Well, it gets even hotter when you add a pretty blonde pilot who looks like she just stepped off the stage of the local beauty pageant. Having said that, make no mistake, Kayla Morton is more than just a pretty face. She interviews like a crew chief and (as you’ll see in the video) when things go awry (and they will – check Murphy’s Law), she is more than capable of taking charge of her race car and avoiding catastrophe. This is one chick who knows how to keep her cool, Kayla has that “it” factor that’ll make her a star in whatever arena she chooses to compete.

Kayla’s Mustang is powered (get ready to cheer Ford fans) by a big block 526 cubic-inch Ford mill being force fed copious amounts of air by an F3 Procharger. While Kayla was cunningly close-mouthed about horsepower output of this modified pony car, she did mention one of its most unique features; it is mechanically fuel injected as opposed to the humdrum electronic fuel injection systems most of us run. Tuning sounds like it could get pretty interesting to me.

This is Outlaw Armageddon and Kayla is competing in the Big Tire Class. She comes out really strong in the first couple of rounds, then hits a snag. In typical No Prep fashion, the track is a real booger. The car gets squirrelly (just out of the hole) and loses traction momentarily. Kayla saves the car but loses the round. Oh well, you gotta live to race another day. Nice job Kayla.

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