Dirty Bird – 2600HP Ford Falcon

November 17th, 2016

dirty-bird-2600hp-ford-falconSay hello to Jason Wade and his 1968 Ford Falcon. This highly modified Falcon is running in the 275 Outlaw Class, weighs 3,250-pounds, and has a Rick Jones four-link rear suspension under it.

The blacked out beast is powered by a 449 cubic-inch small block Ford engine with a pair of 88-millimeter turbochargers. The transmission is a Rossler 2-speed. The combination manages to irk out 2,600hp and is capable of consistent 4-second 1/8-mile passes in the 160 mph range.

Tonight’s action is taking place at the North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas. Jason and friends have made the trip from Houston to test the fresh build on a nicely prepped racing surface. When you are making that much horsepower, you must use caution about the surface upon which you race.

Some might say that it isn’t a very pretty car. To those individuals I’d point out that beauty is only paint deep but horsepower goes clear to winner’s circle. Jason only puts down a single, solo pass in this clip and posts a 4.70-second ET.

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