Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs 700HP Ford GT

December 2nd, 2015



Here is a new one for the Tesla Model S vs the world video, a 700+ horsepower Ford GT tuned by Heffner Performance gives the Model S P90D Ludicrous a try from a dead stop and a 2nd gear roll.  With a best 1/4 mile time of 10.6 @ 133 MPH at Palm Beach International  Raceway, the Ford GT would seem to stack up pretty well against the Tesla.

Without the sticky prepped track surface of the drag strip the Ford GT struggled off the line spinning the tires in 1st and 2nd gear while the P90D with it’s instant 800 ft-lbs of torque from two electric motors combined with all whee drive running 0-60 MPH in just 2.8 seconds left the Ford GT behind.   When the Ford GT finally got some power down it ran the Tesla down at a pretty incredible pace.

In the 2nd race the Tesla gives up it’s significant advantage by starting from a roll with the Ford GT in 2nd gear and the race is completly turned around with the Ford GT leaving the Tesla behind.

Check out the videos below, we also included the Ford GT’s 10.6 run as well as giving a Nissan GT-R a hard time.





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