West Texas Style – $3000 Small Tire Street Digs

August 11th, 2020

This is how they do Cash Days in West Texas. In typical street racing fashion, the rules are simple. Every competitor pays an entry fee. The overall winner takes home all the cash. Don’t cut the light early, don’t cross the center line and be first to cross the finish line. Follow that formula for more rounds than everybody else and you win the money. Simple, huh? Let’s see about that.

In Round One, we have a classic Gen II GTO versus a Mazda Miata with a turbocharged LS engine. The Pontiac gets the holeshot on the Mazda which knocks the tires off and gets gapped. GTO FTW.

Race Two pits a turbocharged Chevy Silverado against a twin turbo Mercedes-Benz with an LS motor. The pickup jumps out quickly on the Benz which (once again from the right lane) knocks the tires off. Chevy takes the win. Problems in the right lane?

Now we have a Chevy Stepside, with a big V8 and nitrous, against a Mitsubishi Eclipse with a built turbo 4-cylinder. Right lane holds up this time and the DSM takes home the win. On to the next round.

Race number four lines up a turbo Camaro and a turbo Nissan 350z. Again, the right lane gets a bit treacherous, but the Nissan jumps early and crosses center anyway. Camaro FTW.

Tons more street racing here. Don’t miss this one.

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