Big Time No Prep Drag Racing

April 29th, 2021

With hard hitting No Prep drag racing kings like the Birdman and Mike Murillo on hand, you wouldn’t expect a Pontiac Grand Am from South Dakota to have much of a chance. Not so fast! You see, Rodney Weisser and his bright red Poncho are geared up to win the whole thing – and they aren’t intimidated by anyone. Take a gander at this red rocket.

Rodney has ample reason to be confident. His Pontiac is powered by a methanol burning big block Chevy motor with a ProCharger. In its current state, Rodney estimated that his car is churning out 2,800hp. Wow!

In the first round, Rodney is taking on Birdman in his vintage Camaro SS. Birdman has been around the block a time or two and he is capable of beating anyone on any given day. He gained fame on the Street Outlaws cable television show and he is one of the best in No Prep. The Grand Am and the Camaro line up for round one. Both cars cut a clean light and leave the hole with force. Birdman breaks traction almost immediately and gets squirrelly. Although he regains control of the car, he can’t recover the victory. Pontiac for the win.

Talk about hard luck; Rodney draws Mike Murillo in his Fox body Mustang. Mike is a sixteen-time World Champion drag racer. Once again, the Grand Am is in the left lane and once again the left lane fails. Murillo knocks the tires off, and Rodney walks away with an easy win.

Lots more action from Bounty Hunter’s No Prep in Odessa, Texas.

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