Swedish No Prep – Elite Strip Digs

February 14th, 2018

This is how they do No Prep in the land of the Scandinavians. Stockholm, Sweden is the locale for this gathering of street beasts capable of holding their own anywhere in the world.

There is an LSX Opel with turbos protruding so far through the hood that the driver can barely see, a beast of a Chevy Monza – yes I said Monza – on nitrous, and a whole bevy of Camaro entries. There is a wild-looking Chevy II Nova and a 2JZ powered Volvo (Volvos are huge in Sweden). Then there’s the blown “Mustang”. This thing looks like something from a Mad Max movie. It’s quite a field.

Today’s action is in the Big Tire Class and begins with the TT Opel in the right lane and a blown Nova in the left. The Opel gets hooked up coming out of the hole and gaps the Nova by multiple car lengths.

Also in Round One is a contest between a pair of nitrous coupes. The Monza is on the right and a pretty white Camaro is on the left. The Camaro gets squirrely and never recovers. Monza takes the win.

In Round Two action, Monza takes on another nitrous burning Camaro – this time a black one – and goes 2-0 in Camaro kills on the day.

There’s lots more No Prep action on this one guys and dolls; check it out for yourselves.

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