Ohio Street Digs for Cash

August 30th, 2017

These cats in Ohio (Mexico) really know how to have a good time.

You begin by finding an abandoned strip of industrial park pavement (3-lane if you can get it). Next, you invite a bunch of gear heads with fast cars and charge them a $100 buy-in on a winner-take-all pot.

The rules are simple: It’s run-what-ya’-brung, single elimination, dig racing action. If you win – you move on to the next round. If you lose, you go back on the trailer. Competitors draw cards at the start of each round to determine pairings. Don’t jump (leave early) and don’t cross the center line. If you jump or cross (first if both cross), you lose – simple, right?

Round One begins with a nice looking classic Nova (nitrous kit) going against a nitrous Chevy S10. The pickup pulls out the victory by several car lengths.

Next, we have a pair of Fox Bodies. The Mustang in the left lane is running an LS (Chevy) motor while the dark car in the right lane is pure Ford. The LS car wins after the Ford powered car has a mechanical issue.

The third race is a nitrous injected Corvette lined up against a third LS powered Fox Body with a turbo. The Ford comes out of the hole quicker than the ‘Vette and takes the victory.

It’s on to Round Two from here. Have a gander for yourself. Lot’s of good dig racing action to come.

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