SRC Showdown – Ford Falcon vs Chevy S10

August 18th, 2021

This SRC (Street Racing Channel) video has got it all! It features a contest between brother and brother, Ford and Chevy, carbureted and fuel injected – oh, and don’t forget Motorsports Molly. This should be an interesting evening of drag racing.

Younger brother Tommy (in the new SRC Ford Falcon) is the first to stick his hand into the hat. Unfortunately, he draws older brother Billy (TH3 KID) in his Chevy S10. That means that half the SRC stable will be loading back up on the trailer after Round One. As the brothers stroll back to the pits, Dad just shakes his head in disgust. That’s the luck of the draw.

Billy has the experience, but Tommy has the superior vehicle. Who will win when the rubber meets the road?

Both cars get a good burnout and take their time getting staged at the line. This is No Prep Drag Racing. That means no tree, no timer and a flashlight start.

As the putrid smell of burnt rubber permeates the air, the starter backpedals and activates the flashlight. Tommy and Billy both cut a clean light and leave the hole straight and fast. Shockingly, Tommy takes and early lead and builds on it through the trap. When all is said and done, Tommy has gaptized his older brother by a country mile.

It’s all in good fun as the two brothers take part in some good-hearted ribbing afterward. Seems like the SRC crew have stumbled upon another winner in the old Falcon. Nice job guys.

Check the remainder of the action on this one. It’s intense.

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