Street Style No Prep – Ford vs. Chevy Truck Battle

January 7th, 2021

This is how they do it down in Texas. Featured in this video is a super slick 1986 Ford F-150 that has been enhanced from bumper to bumper. Tonight, the Ford will be participating in a street style No Prep dig racing event on the track. You might recognize the flagman. He is the Reaper from the original Street Outlaws cable television show.

The Ford pickup is stunning in a factory two-tone paint job with pristine trim. The interior is equally impressive with a supple custom bench seat and a Momo wood grip steering wheel. The interior is pretty but there are no safety harnesses and no roll cage. This F-150 screams street truck. Under the hood is a late model Coyote engine (with all the necessary trimmings). It has been augmented with a Magnuson VMP supercharger and a kit of nitrous. The air-to-ice water bath (in the bed) is the one hint that this truck may be fast. Oh, the bottle rack and parachute might also give it away.

The old Ford draws a solo pass in the first round and – despite an unimpressive burnout – it comes out of the hole straight and fast. It blasts from A to B in fine fashion and quickly becomes a crowd favorite.

There are several other preliminary races before the Ford draws an equally capable Chevrolet Silverado (single cab, short bed). After gaptizing a ProCharged Corvette in the previous race, the twin turbocharged Chevy looks like a good matchup for the Ford.

With some serious wagering going on at the starting line, the two pickups stage. Both trucks cut a clean light and explode out of the hole. The Ford (left lane) wins a close one by a half-a-truck. Great race and a great video.

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