1971 Twin Turbo Chevy C10 – No Prep Monster

June 19th, 2020

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to the I-29 Dragway for the Joe Hunt Memorial Race. This event was initiated by Beater Bomb to memorialize his best friend. Hunt was killed while participating in a legal street race in Coffeyville, Kansas. This event drew more competitors than ever to this venue. Long live the legend of Joe Hunt.

As for the truck featured in this video; the owner paid $800 for it when he was only 13-years old. Years later, she’s rolling on a Kris Craft custom chassis. The C10 is powered by a Chevrolet small block engine (415 C.I.D.) with a pair of big turbochargers. The best quarter-mile elapsed time for this heavy Chevy is just over 8-seconds. For a larger vehicle, this thing can really move.

In the first pass, Digger (on 19-pounds of boost) takes on a tubbed-out Olds Cutlass. Digger comes out of the hole low and fast. He holds the track and goes from A to B with no surprises. C10 FTW.

Despite running in the Big Tire Class, Digger knock the tires off in the next round and loses out to a bully of a Gen II Camaro. Better luck next time guys. Great truck!

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