$25K No-Prep – Blown Chevy S10

April 11th, 2018

With no electronic timing and surface conditions that mimic those of public streets, No-Prep Drag Racing has quickly become the hottest ticket in town. This video takes us out to Bounty Hunters III No-Prep Grudge Nationals where some of the baddest street cars in the nation are gathered to see who can claim bragging rights and a big stack of cash.

One of the competitors in the top tier Big Tire Class is Steve Wiley and his supercharged Chevrolet S10 pickup. Despite having a steel roof and quarter panels, this is a full-on race truck. It features a tubular chassis and a full roll cage. Under the hood, there is a massive 521 cubic-inch big block HEMI engine that is topped with a Kobelco (Fowler Performance) 1471 blower. I would estimate power in the 2,000 – 2,500hp range. But, can the little truck gain the traction it takes to get from A to B? Much less win the Big Tire Class?

There’s $25K on the line. Let’s have a look.

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