Chevy vs Ford – Street Battle for the Ages

March 13th, 2020

This video focuses on a rivalry that dates back almost to the introduction of the automobile. The timeless test between Chevrolet (GM) and Ford actually goes all the way back to the early 1900s with the rivalry heating up to a fever pitch during the muscle car era from the mid 1960s through the early 1970s. With the introduction of today’s retro classic Camaro, Corvette, Mustang and Dodge Challenger, the competitive fires have begun to burn hot again. In this video, they are burning up the streets (of Mexico – naturally).

A bevy of outstanding Ford Mustang entries tops the field this evening. There’s a Silver Shelby GT500 with a stock blower, a cold air intake, a FRPP monoblade throttle body, ARH longtube exhaust headers, upgraded supercharger pulleys, L&M camshafts, triple pass heat exchanger, Fore dual fuel pumps, 1000cc fuel injectors, running on E85. The car is built by Drowzy Performance and tuned by Lund. It can make 890HP.

The maroon Mustang Shelby GT500 also has a stock blower with a JLT cold air intake, upgraded pulleys, Stainless Works full exhaust system, Kenne Belle Boost-A Pump, ID1300 fuel injectors and he is running E85 fuel. Built by Drowzy Performance, the car is Lund tuned and dyno certified to 770HP.

The black 2019 Ford 5.0 Mustang has a 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger, Corsa performance exhaust, upgraded upper pulley, 132-millimeter throttle body, ID1000 fuel injectors, Vortech Boost-A-Pump, 93-octane pump gas. The 5.0 is built by Drowzy Performance and Lund Tuned. It is capable of producing 650HP.

The Grey S550 (Mustang) has a built motor with a Cobra Jet intake manifold, 200 shot of nitrous vs C7, then 150-shot on the rest. It is also Lund tuned and maximum output is estimated to be 600HP.

Take a look and see how these pony cars stack up against some heavy hitters in their GM rides.

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