$8K Street Race – GT-R vs. Roush Mustang

January 4th, 2019

Frankly, I haven’t got a clue if these guys are street racers who gamble or gamblers who street race. Either way, I’m sure somebody will take exception to it and that’s okay. One thing is for sure – these guys have built some fast cars and they are willing to throw fat stacks of cash down to get a race.

Our first car is a Ford Mustang that has been heavily modified. The upper (supercharger) pulley has been upgraded, the exhaust system has been replaced with a less restrictive system, the fuel system has been upgraded, a performance tune has been added, it is tuned by Accelerated Racing Solutions (ARS), and there are slicks on back and skinnies on front.

The pony car is going against a modded-out Nissan GT-R. The import claims full bolt-ons “only”. We’ll see in a few minutes. The Nissan is also all-wheel drive. The Mustang is rear-wheel only.

Racing tonight will be of the dig variety. There will be only a single pass for all the cash.

GT-R takes the hole shot and fires off the line clean. Quickly, the Mustang catches him and puts him in the rearview. Mustang FTW!

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