8-Second Turbo S10 Dominates Truck Class

August 7th, 2019

Excuse me! It’s officially a 7-second Turbo S10 after posting a 7.78-second pass @ 178 mph in the finals of the Truck Class at Street Car Takeover Indianapolis. Lucas Oil Raceway was the backdrop for a glorious day of drag racing as this awesome S10 pickup takes on compacts and full-size pickups in his quest for cash and a trophy.

Making this little truck go is an aluminum block LS (5.3-liter) engine with a Dougherty Racing camshaft (custom grind) and a Precision Pro Mod turbocharger.

After a solo pass of 8.23-seconds @ 134 mph in the quarter finals, the S10 was well on his way to a Truck Class win and some real money. The semis saw a pair of S10s square off with our feature truck in the right lane. Green truck staged too far forward and left our feature truck with another solo pass. How about an 8.22-second run @ 129.5 mph? The finals brought out a full-size Silverado. The S10 got the hole shot and never saw that Silverado again.

After that, our featured S10 just takes on all comers in grudge action; gapping a Corvette, a Nissan GT-R and a Camaro before loading up on the trailer for the ride home.

Not too shabby for a truck that went shiny side down in April of this year. These guys are just getting back on the track and winning with sevens. Wow!


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