Kentucky Cash Bash – SRC Turbo S10 Pickup

September 26th, 2020

What do you get when sixteen hardcore street racers show up in the Bluegrass State and buy-in at $200 each? You get the Kentucky Cash Bash. Seems that $3200 is a pretty substantial payday for an evening of street shenanigans. Tonight, we follow along with Billy, the bell cow of the SRC team. Let’s see if he can whip these hillbillies and go back home with their cash.

The rules are simple – don’t jump the light early or you are disqualified. Cross the center line and it’s a DQ. Other than that, just beat your opponent to the finish line and move on to the next round. This is a single elimination race so, lose once and you’re back on the trailer.

In the first SRC matchup, the S10 is pitted against the Nerd Fox Body Mustang. Billy (the Kid) cuts the light ahead of the Mustang and cruises on for the easy victory. On to round two.

The SRC S10 takes on a nitrous burning Firebird in round two. Both cars cut the light violently with the Firebird toting the front and taking the early advantage. Despite some loss of traction, Billy manages to catch up and drive around the Pontiac for a close win.

Round three pairs up the SRC S10 (in the left lane) against a turbo LS powered Fox Body Mustang. This time, Billy gets the hole shot and stays on the gas until the finish line. He takes the win by a narrow margin and moves on to the Finals.

In the fourth and final round, Billy takes on the Blacksheep Camaro. Blacksheep knocks the tires off coming out of the hole and Billy gets out clean. S10 FTW!

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