SRC’s Tommy 2 Guns Takes His Undefeated S10 to the Street

September 4th, 2020

Ride along as SRC’s Tommy 2 Guns (aka The Kid) takes his undefeated nitrous small block Chevy S10 back to the street. Not one to sit alone at the dance, Tommy is determined to take on the best competition available. Tonight, Tommy’s challengers include some heavy hitters, namely a (supercharged) Cadillac CTS-V with nitrous and a turbocharged LS Camaro. Without further ado – let’s go racing.

Dig racing is on the agenda for the evening and Tommy is taking on a high-powered Cadillac right outta’ the gate. These two competitors are evenly matched, and this should be a good one.

After the appropriate burnouts are completed, the competitors line up with Tommy in the left lane and the CTS-V on the right. Both vehicles cut the light clean and Tommy pulls ahead of the Caddy. The S10 remains out front through the trap and takes the win by a healthy margin.

In a second race, a turbo LS Gen IV Camaro takes on the SRC Fox Body Mustang (stick shift). After another clean get-off, the Mustang takes home the victory by a bumper. Good race!

After an unscheduled relocation (happens often in street racing), Tommy lines up against the Camaro for the next race. The S10 pulls off another win to keep his undefeated streak alive.

Finally, the Camaro and the Cadillac race next. This concludes the evening’s festivities.

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