Turbo 1960 Ford Falcon – Street Car Takeover Tulsa

October 9th, 2020

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to the Tulsa Raceway Park for Street Car Takeover (SCT) Tulsa. Featured today is a high school shop class project out for some testing and tuning. What could be better than showing up for a day of practice and winning the class? How about we take a look and see if project Falcon can get past the first round jinx and cruise to the Finals?

Under the hood of this ’60 Falcon (campaigned by Blue Collar Street Racing) is a 364 cubic-inch V8 with an 84-millimeter turbocharger. Estimated power output is unknown.

The action begins (Round One) with the Falcon going against a hot looking BMW Coupe. The BMW comes out strong, but the Falcon manages to drive around him near the midway point. Falcon FTW.

Round Two pits the Blue Collar crew against the crew of a bodacious Chevy II Nova. Just like Round One, both cars come out of the hole violently. The Falcon irks out a narrow victory and advances to Round Three.

In the Semi-Final, we have a bright red Fox Body, running a ton of nitrous, going against the Falcon. This one looks like a mismatch – and not in favor of the Blue Collar boys. Looks can be deceiving and the Falcon pulls another victory out of the hat. On to the Final!

The Blue Collar Falcon versus a Pontiac Firebird is the matchup for the Finals. Unfortunately, the Poncho jumps the light and gets a DQ. Falcon takes home the trophy.

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