Red GT-R is a Street Thumper

October 19th, 2016

red-gt-r-is-a-street-thumperI guarantee it! You are going to love this pretty red Nissan GT-R. Not because of its awesome paint job – and it certainly has one – but because it goes up against some heavy hitters and dominates. Maybe it was a cool night. Every racer knows what it’s like to have a night when your car seems to run better than it ever has; better than you could imagine. Possibly it was one of those nights for the red GT-R. It’s inexplicable – in one way it is great and in another ways it sucks. Your car is running like a bat out of hell, and that’s great, but you don’t understand why (so you know that you can’t duplicate it) and that is what sucks.

There’s no shortage of competition on this night, down south of the border, with a bevy of ‘Vettes, a herd of Mustangs, and more GT-Rs than a B-rated Japanese movie (Godzilla). Roll racing is on tap, with elevation changes in both directions, and some three-wide skirmishes are definitely on the radar.

Right out of the gate, our red GT-R rolls out against another 1,300hp GT-R and makes gapping him seem like taking candy from a baby. Next, there’s a 1,200hp Corvette that gets gobbled-up by Godzilla on this night. Now, we go three-wide with a 1,000hp Mustang, a 900hp ‘Vette, and the 1,300hp red GT-R. I’ll give you three guesses how this one turns out. Take a look; there’s lots more heads-up roll racing action and some extraordinary GoPro angles.

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