Honda S2000 Street Hammer

October 17th, 2016

By: Evan Margolis

honda-s2000-street-hammerHere’s a sight that’s just about as rare as hen’s teeth (of course you know, hens don’t have any teeth). It is a Honda S2000 sports coupe with a souped up Toyota engine under the bonnet. This hybrid import is equipped to handle the street machines of Texas (a little town down in Mexico), despite having a manual transmission.

As stated, the S2000 is running a Toyota power train, including a 2JZ in-line 6-cylinder (built bottom end) engine with a giant turbocharger. The combo is good for about 1,100hp. Things get interesting when two similarly equipped Supra coupes roll up – ready for some action. Three-wide roll racing action ensues; the S2000 is geared a little lower and gets out of the gate strong but the Supra duo quickly reigns him in.

Then a twin turbocharged Mustang, with a WWII era paint job, busts up the little import party and crushes the competition. Next, an 800hp DSM Evo rolls onto the scene and gets promptly dusted. Last, but certainly not least, an unspecified ‘Vette goes toe-to-toe with the Hoyota and shows him that there is no substitute for cubic inches (or does he?). Check it out.

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