3-Wide Street Racing – GT500 vs Corvette vs Honda

April 21st, 2016

3-Wide Street Racing

This is straight-up, 3-wide street racing action between a couple of power house sports cars and a Honda. First, the big dogs line-up for some 60mph roll racing. After the GT500 gets through skinning the ‘Vette, the Chevy takes out his pent-up aggression on the Honda in progress.

This black beauty Mustang GT500 has a built engine with the camshaft and cylinder heads upgraded; plus there’s a giant 4.2-liter (that’s almost as big as the 5.0-liter engine) Kenne Belle supercharger bolted on top. Horsepower is estimated at 1,000. The Corvette C6Z is equipped with a 100-shot of laughing gas and she’s had a camshaft and the cylinder heads upgraded. Power is figured to be in the 700hp range. The little Honda that couldn’t is running a K20 2.0-liter engine with improved connecting rods and pistons and a 6266 turbocharger.

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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