Chi-Town Heat – Roll Racing on the Street

September 6th, 2016

Chi-Town Heat - Roll Racing on the StreetIf there is one thing that they can do in Chi-town, it’s throw-down on the streets. Naturally, when we got a chance to check out what kind of roll racing Chicago (Mexico) has to offer; we loaded up our wagons and hit the dusty trail. To say the least, we were not disappointed.

On hand was a 2016 BMW X5 M (yes, an SUV) powered by a 4.4-liter twin turbocharged V8 with aftermarket bolt-ons and a software upgrade. It’s good for about 800whp. There’s a 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo that has a modified intercooler, exhaust headers, and high performance mufflers. The Europeans roll out first, three wide no less, with the Porsche in the middle. The X5 is on the left and a MB E55 AMG (550HP) is on the right. The Porsche whips ‘em handily.

You got a couple of Bad-Cad, Cadillac CTS-Vs that are radically modified, dominating the field until Godzilla II makes an appearance. The 725hp Caddy tears up a Turbo GTO and a 600hp GT-R (Godzilla I) before Godzilla II rolls in. As movie goers can attest, Japanese monsters just keep on coming. Godzilla II tears down the house that Cadillac built and goes up against a guy in a 1,000hp? Camaro that seems like he needs to put some fresh batteries in his calculator. Then, the boy dog shows up. It’s a Toyota MR2 that is putting down around 840whp. Check it out for yourself. It’s hot roll racing action.

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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