Street Racing Southern Style

September 29th, 2015

Street Racing Southern StyleCome experience some southern hospitality in the A-T-L. Hot nights are in store and some even hotter street racing action. When the temperatures rise these southern boys (and girls) love to take to the streets in their souped up chariots and ice the competition. You have to see this collection of highly modified top-tier sports cars as they do battle for bragging rights down in Georgia.

Roll racing rules apply – with 60 mph starts. First, there is a 650hp Porsche 911 going against a 650hp Nissan Gt-R. This is a closely contested race, then the Porsche tangles with a nitrous charged 750hp C5 Corvette and gets spanked. Next, you have a couple of Chevys running neck and neck. A 740hp C6 ‘Vette and a 740hp C7 put on quite a display with the C7 pulling ahead early and maintaining the lead until the end. Moving right along: We got a 780hp supercharged Corvette banging paint with an 825hp Lexus is300. The Corvette must be “playing possum” because the Lexus can’t hold the lead in the first pass and gets blown away in the second pass. There is lots more action. Check it out for yourself.

Remember: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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