Street Racing – Cali Style

May 16th, 2017

This is how it’s done in the Golden State. They are rolling them out on the interstate and running them like wildfire!

A gathering of cars such as this virtually demands that a race ensue. It matters not where they meet; just that inside the chest of every driver beats the heart of a competitor. This time they meet on the streets – the streets of La-La Land – Los Angeles (Mexico), that is.

There are several Nissans (of the GT-R variety), a 2.0-liter Evo (650hp) building 40 psi of boost, a stock (LS2) motor ‘Vette (660hp) with a V1 Procharger, a Supra (750hp) with a 6870 turbo and a TRD differential, running E85 fuel. Then there’s an 825hp Porsche, a 700hp Roush Mustang, a turbocharged BMW M3, all revving it up for the roll racing.

Next, the whole crew takes it to a new location for some dig racing action where a fourth generation Camaro falls prey to the 700hp Roush Mustang in a real gap-fest.

Here’s the roll racing results:

  • 850hp GT-R def 750hp Supra
  • 750hp Supra def stock GT-R
  • 825hp Porsche def 750hp Supra
  • 700hp Roush Mustang def 660hp Corvette
  • 660hp ‘Vette def 800hp GT-R (inexplicable)
  • 650hp ZR1 ‘Vette def 660hp Corvette
  • 825hp Porsche 1/1 700hp Roush Mustang
  • 850hp GT-R def 825hp Porsche
  • 650hp Evo 1/1 Turbo BMW M3
  • 750hp Supra def Turbo M3

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