Ohio Cash Days – 35 Car Single Elimination Dig Races

October 8th, 2020

Wow! This is one narrow stretch of country road with cornfields on either side. That ain’t stopping these guys. Some of the baddest street racers in the land have shown up here for a full day of winner-take-all dig races from this secluded setting. Only thirty of the thirty-five cars invited could make the trip so, the total payout ($200 per car) came up to $6,000. Not a terrible payout for a day of playing in the corn rows. The rules are simple: don’t leave early, don’t cross the center line and be first to cross the finish line. If you accomplish these three things – more times than anyone else – you win all the cash and bragging rights. Hold on honey, things are about to get heated.

Fresh off the trailer, we have a Gen I Camaro versus a third generation Firebird. Both cars cut the light effectively and both struggle with the uneven track conditions. Eventually, the Firebird drives around the Camaro for the win.

It’s Round 1 Race 2 and we have a Gen II Camaro against a Fox Body Mustang. Ford versus Chevy. Again, both competitors come out of the hole strong. The Camaro takes the early advantage and never looks back. On to the next round for the Chevy.

Race 3 pits a red Fox Body against a Gen IV Mustang. This one is so close that officials have to go to the replay. Initially, it looks like the first win in the right lane but, after further review, the Mustang on the left takes the victory.

Tons more dig racing action here. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

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