No Trailer Cash Days – 600-1000HP Cars Only

May 23rd, 2020

It’s time for some dig racing on the streets of Mexico! This contest is configured of thirteen competitors and an eighth-mile of two-lane blacktop. The action is single elimination and competitors must drive to the race site. Once the matchups are established – it’s simple – just don’t jump the light early, don’t cross the center line first and (do) cross the finish line before the other guy. Keep doing that until the final round and you get a chance to run for the winner-take-all cash prize.

The first race of the night is between a turbo Monte Carlo with a 6.0-liter motor and a souped-up Audi S6 (unknown mods). As expected, the Chevy is a bit squirrelly coming out of the hole but the experienced driver holds his water and takes the win.

Next up are a Turbo Trailblazer SS and Beater Bomb in his droptop On3 LS (4.8) Fox Body Mustang. In a heckuva race, the Trailblazer gets the jump before Beater Bomb drives around him FTW.

After a solo run by a supercharged Mustang, there’s a Chevrolet SS (supercharged) versus a turbo Mustang. The Ford gets the holeshot and gaptizes the Chevy sedan mercilessly.

A classic Mustang with nitrous takes on a Cadillac CTS-V sedan (unknown mods) in the next race. The old Mustang cuts the light like a pro and takes the victory.

Many more rounds of street racing here, folks. You don’t want to miss this one!

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