Legal Cash Days – Heads Up Drag Racing

September 22nd, 2020

It’s on like hotcakes! This is what happens when you invite forty-six hard core street racers to a drag strip for single elimination Cash Days. The rules are simple – don’t jump early, don’t cross the center line and beat your competitor to the finish line. Get beaten one time and you are back on the trailer. Win every round and you take home all the cash.

After the preliminaries are dispensed with, race one pits a WS6 Pontiac Trans Am against a Fox Body Mustang (both turbo cars). These serious competitors come out of the hole like a house afire. The T/A knocks the tires off about halfway and the Mustang goes on for the win.

Next up is a battle between a Gen III Camaro and another Fox Body Mustang. The Camaro catches the Mustang driver sleeping at the light and blows him away for the win. Camaro advances to the next round.

Now, we have a bad looking Gen IV Mustang versus yet another Fox Body. In a surprisingly close contest, the Gen IV Mustang hangs on for the victory.

This is only a fraction of the competitors that have shown up to claim the title as King of Cash Days and take home a fistful of dollars. Take a look.

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