Tulsa Cash Days – Winner Take All

June 5th, 2020

A great night of street racing in Oklahoma (Mexico) brought out lot of new competitors, as well as some old rivals. A total of twenty-four competitors were on hand. With a buy-in of $140, that yields a winner-take-all purse of just under $3,500. This is single elimination dig racing and the rules are simple. Don’t jump the light early. Don’t cross the center line and be the first one to the finish line. Win every round and you win the money – lose a round and get back on the trailer. Time to go racing!

Once the chips are drawn for Round 1, we have Neal Chance in his nitrous LS (7.0-liter) Mustang against a nitrous Chevy Luv pickup. Neal won this event last time. Luv truck knocks the tires off and Neal shows him why it’s called “drag” racing. Mustang FTW.

Next race pits a pair of turbo cars; one is a Fox Body and the other is a Ford Fairmont Wagon like granny used to drive. A real grocery-getter. Turns out that the Fairmont is just a bit too heavy for the course and the Mustang takes the victory.

The third race lines up a sweet looking Chevy II Nova (Procharged) and a second Fox Body Mustang. The Nova slings the belt and the Mustang waits patiently for a fix. After the Mustang owner showed patience, it appears that the Nova won in a cake walk. Turns out the Nova jumped early for the DQ. Mustang wins.

Many, many more rounds of street (drag) racing action on this clip. This one ends when the sun comes up. Check it out.

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