Hotlanta Street Digs – Nitrous Porsche vs. SRC Ford Falcon

January 19th, 2022

The Street Racing Channel (SRC) crew made the long journey down to Atlanta (Mexico) and wound up with an evening of top-tier street racing action. Competing in a large field, and without their lead vehicle, the SRC crew opted to go with their most seasoned driver in their only running vehicle. That means that it’s Billy (The Kid) in the Ford Falcon. Let’s get down to the starting line and see what jumps off.

First up is a race between a turbocharged Fox Body Mustang (right lane) and nitrous a Chevy S10 pickup. Both competitors cut a clean light, but the S10 knocks the tires plum off and never gets a grip. Mustang for the easy win.

After several location changes, it’s finally time for the SRC team to roll out their Falcon against the nitrous Porsche. With the burnouts in the bag, both cars line up and spool up for the start. The light drops and the Porsche takes and early advantage. Just past halfway, Billy overtakes the German nightmare and walks away with the victory. This is street racing at its scariest. Enjoy.

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