Cash Days From Da Pad – Street Digs

February 4th, 2021

This clip is coming at you from one of the most notorious street racing spots in the United States – Da Pad in Nola (Mexico). When it comes to street scenes, there are few places that can compare. It literally has a carnival atmosphere – complete with a cotton candy vendor. The rides are a little different in this carnival. They are really fast and smell of burnt rubber and fuel. Get ready for Cash Days.

The rules are simple: Don’t jump the light early. Don’t cross the center line. Be first to cross the finish line and you proceed to the next round. Break any of these three rules and get back on the trailer because this is a single elimination contest. It is also winner-take-all. Easy peasy.

After a brief driver’s meeting, chips are drawn for running order and lane choice. The first two competitors line up. A turbocharged Gen IV Camaro and a turbo LS swapped Datsun. The Camaro knocks the tires off and drifts right before getting a bite and gapping the Datsun by several lengths.

Next up is a battle between a supercharged (80s) Chevy Monte Carlo and a late model turbo Mustang. Both cars cut a clean light before the G-Body drags the Mustang the length of the track.

This one is just getting warmed up. Check out the video to see how it all shakes out.


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