Grudge Racing in the Street – TH3 KID vs. Big Block Nitrous Camaro

January 26th, 2021

This is what’s happening south of the border. The streets of Mexico are heating up when this group of hardcore street (dig) racers gather for a weekend of all out chaos on a two lane blacktop. On hand are the Street Racing Channel (SRC) crew and their bell cow, none other than Billy the Kid in his Chevrolet S10 pickup. He and his dad are ready to put it all on the line against whatever rolls off the trailer. On the card is a grudge match between Billy, in his turbocharged Chevy, and a Gen II Camaro with a 632 cubic-inch big block and several kits of nitrous. Get ready – this is gonna’ be a hoot!

After several competitive races involving top-tier street racing machines, we finally arrive at the main event. The SRC S10 lines up against the big block Camaro (piloted by a 17-year-old fan of the channel who called Billy out). Both vehicles succeed in completing impressive burnouts and pull up to the line for staging. The flag man steps back and does his thing and both cars cut a clean light. The Camaro has the lane advantage with more traction and less deterioration, and he rockets out of the hole violently. The S10 also has a solid holeshot and the two cars sail through the 60-foot mark in a dead heat.

Near the halfway point, the turbocharged pickup finally gets spooled up and takes over. Tommy ends up with a victory over the potent Camaro; gapping him by at least two car lengths.

Bonus races follow as there is no shortage of fast cars in attendance for this event.

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