Evo X World Record Quarter-Mile

April 22nd, 2017

Hello drag racing fans and speed aficionados of every variety. Join me in congratulating Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) and English Racing as they (once again) shatter the world record 1/4-mile with a pass of 8.48-seconds @ 164.1 mph.

The crew had the little sedan running in the 8.5-second range the entire event (TX2K17) and finally hit the right spot for a blow out pass in the latter stages. It seemed like Lucas English was pulling his hair out at the laptop trying to find the perfect tune. Lucas is no stranger to world records and he came through in the clutch. He finally busted the 8.5-second barrier and etched his name in the record books one more time.

Considering that the four-door Mitsubishi Evolution is still equipped with a four-cylinder engine and a manual transmission, 8-second 1/4-mile passes are not too shabby at all.

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