New Half-Mile GT-R Top Speed Record

June 19th, 2017

Congratulations to Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) and English Racing. They have (once again) carved themselves out a place in the history of speed.

The venue for this prolific undertaking was the ShiftS3ctor/Revolution Pike’s Peak Airstrip Attack in Colorado. Before the event began, Lucas English was heard to say that he would be pleased to surpass the previous top speed world record in the standing mile. That record was 252 mph. That was considered pretty optimistic since Pike’s Peak is only a half-mile course.

The ETS GT-R is at the forefront of 1-mile, half-mile, and quarter-mile GT-R racing. These guys have been posting some really impressive quarter-mile E.T.s in an effort to best the Nissan of Gidi Chamdi. Gidi pilots the AMS Alpha G GT-R that recently set a world record when he dipped down into the 6-second range in the quarter-mile. ETS and AMS have been battling for supremacy in the GT-R segment for years and there’s certainly no end in sight.

Let’s get back to the Pike’s Peak Airstrip Attack and Mr. English. On his first pass, he hit 246 mph and wound up with a flat tire on the right front. Later that same day, the ETS crew managed a new world record pass of 252 mph and there was still a day of racing left. After a series of adjustments, the new world record half-mile pass of 255 mph was put in the books.

Great job guys!

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