GT-R Record Assault – ETS and Gidi Join Forces

February 14th, 2019

Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) and Gidi Chamdi (one of the fastest men to ever climb into a Nissan GT-R) have teamed up to produce an all-new GT-R entry that not only boasts 3,000hp, but also figures to be a factor in the back-and-forth saga of GT-R World Record Quarter-Mile passes.

Despite being a fresh build, Gidi and the ETS crew post a 7.24-second elapsed time (@ 191 mph) on the very first pass. Decades of experience and a wealth of racing knowledge certainly helped to put the new car within .750-seconds of a GT-R World Record – on the very first pass!

With that kind of start, it would be easy to get overconfident and assume that the record (6.58-seconds @ 232 mph) would fall before sunset. Robert English and his ETS experts are too savvy for that. They know that the World Cup has never had a 6-second elapsed time posted. They decide to stick to getting into the sixes and save the World Record attempts for Texas and TX2K19, later this year.

There is a ton of head-up drag racing and some of the fastest GT-R entries that you will ever see on this clip. If you are a Godzilla fan – this one is for you.

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