New U.S. GT-R Quarter-Mile Record

March 22nd, 2019

Hello fellow racing fans! Join me in congratulating car owner Gidi Chamdi, ETS (Extreme Turbo Systems), and English Racing in setting the new U.S. Record for a Nissan GT-R, in the quarter-mile (elapsed time and top speed).

With a 6.73-second pass @ 223 mph, on day two of TX2K19, the cast and crew of the Alpha G car managed to dive deeper into the sixes and accomplish a feat that no one ever had in a GT-R on a U.S. drag strip.

The ETS car is owned and piloted by an extremely fit, pitbull of a race driver known as Gidi. He has owned the GT-R World Record on at least one occasion. The World Record is currently possessed by the Alpha Logic (Dubai) team who posted a 6.58-second pass at 232 mph.

This is only the second outing for the Alpha G car, which is a brand-new build. We look for Gidi and his outstanding crew to (not only) shatter the GT-R World Record but to drive the elapsed time back into the fives.

Buckle-up. This is a good one.

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