Street Sleeper 8-Second Sedan

October 28th, 2016

street-sleeper-8-second-sedanSeldom do I see an 8-second car that totes the front halfway down the track. It’s even rarer when that car is a sedan (of any type). Well, that’s exactly what you can expect to see in this video. This is no one-hit-wonder either; this bad bowtie laid down consistent 8-second passes @ around 160 mph, while navigating the 1,100 road trip that is Drag Week- with the wife and kids in the back seat – without a hitch.    

This 1967 Chevrolet Malibu “Crew Cab” (affectionately known as “Honk if Parts Fall Off”) is sporting a 414 cubic-inch small block Chevy engine with 23-degree cylinder heads and a Borg-warner 80-millimeter turbocharger. It utilizes your standard issue, trunk mounted, air-to-ice-water, Gatorade brand intercooler and hockey stick trunk prop. The fact that the old Chevy is a sedan makes it a perfect sleeper candidate; add the patina paint job, stock interior, and painted (red) Weld Drag Rims with stock center hub caps, and this thing looks like the one that your grandpa might have driven to the factory or maybe a grouchy old aunt drove to Sunday school. This is a great car and a great video.

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