1291HP Street Sleeper Sedan – Dyno and Test Drive

June 29th, 2016

1291HP Street Sleeper Sedan - Dyno and Test Drive 01While this sedan doesn’t exactly look like your typical grocery-getter, you don’t see many 1,200+hp rides with four-doors and a baby seat in the back. Billed (by AG Motosports) as the Mitsubishi Evolution with the most horsepower on this planet, this thing hit 1,291whp and 767-lb.-ft. of torque on the dyno and then hit the streets for some test-abuse.

This ‘Mr. Biscuit’ is well heeled with a built 2.0-liter – and I mean built – with GRP aluminum connecting rods and an AG Competition cylinder head with Ferrea valves, Supertech valve springs, and a set of AG racing spec camshafts. Add a Precision GenII 7685 turbocharger with a Tial 44-millimeter wastegate and a Buschur Racing front mounted intercooler, then top it all off with a Crispeed tuned Haltech ECU Elite 2500 Evo 8 kit, and you are ready to wreak havoc on the streets.

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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