Roll Racing 930WHP GT-R vs 820WHP Supra

October 14th, 2015

Roll Racing 930WHP GT-R vs 820WHP SupraWhen it comes to excitement it is hard to beat the sights and sounds of elite roll racing on the freeway. With a pair of competitors like these, the level of excitement builds to even higher levels. The first of three 50 mph roll races includes a 930whp Nissan GT-R and an 820whp Toyota Supra. These cars hit speeds of 170 mph in a heartbeat as they turn on more than just the charm in all-out head-to-head action.

The Supra is well heeled with a stock Toyota engine block, Pro EFI fuel injection, and a Precision 7675 turbocharger. He is running E85 fuel and making plenty of ponies – but will it be enough? The Nissan is equipped with the legendary AMS Alpha 10 package and a set of Toyo R888 street tires. He is running 93 octane fuel. These two cars look fantastic and sound even better!

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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