Toyota Supra vs, Ferrari 599 – Street Rolls

January 9th, 2018

Let’s join “Wild Willie The Toothless Tiger” on a rare chilly night in the Sunshine State (of Mexico).  On the agenda for the evening is a bit of roll racing on the interstate but first a tour of Induction Performance for a look at some of the baddest street cars on the planet.

While Induction Performance specializes in Toyota (Supra), Lexus (Toyota), and Nissan (GT-R, 370ZX) modification, there are a wide variety of cars in house for repairs/maintenance. There are some Mustang GT500 and Viper owners who trust this shop to deliver dependable performance. They are not disappointed.

Our feature Supra is loaded with Pro EFI, Alpha Performance, and Induction Performance components. We join the owner of this car early in the day as he laments a fuel cut malfunction and verbally explores the possibility of fuel pump replacement. We get to see a cold start (in a garage). The turbo car fires up relatively quickly and idles smoothly.

After that, it’s off to Induction Performance to drop off the Supra and check out the sights.

When the Toyota repairs are completed, we are treated to a ride in a 600hp Nissan GT-R. This car has some bolt-ons and a performance tune. It is the perfect daily driver or weekend warrior with all the luxurious trappings intact and plenty of power to exhilarate on demand.

Once back in the Supra, we’re off to the local hotspot where a Ferrari owner calls out the Supra owner. Can the Ferrari hang in there against this radically modified Supra?

Let’s hit the streets and find out!

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