1200HP Turbo Toyota Goes 197MPH on Street Tires

September 24th, 2015

1200HP Turbo Toyota Goes 197MPH on Street Tires 01Check out this clip which delivers a 1,200+hp Toyota Supra daily driver that looks immaculate. This Sunshine State Thumper runs amuck during the Wanna GoFast weekend in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. You really don’t expect to see a Toyota on street tires flying past the likes of a Nissan GT-R, but that is just exactly what happens. What a car!

A combination of forced air induction and nitrous oxide provide the giddy-up-and-go for this Supra. A built RS1600 3.4-liter inline 6-cylinder engine is at the heart of the matter. Air is violently jammed into the six-banger via a Precision 7675 HP-B turbocharger (35 psi) then a 70-shot of nitrous is added for good measure. Dual fuel pumps and Injector Dynamics ID2000 injectors supply the fuel and a MoTec M800 controller keeps everything in order. Never mind the excessive speed, this bad girl is riding on Toyo R888 305/35R18 street tires.

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