Toyota Supra vs. BMW Z4 M40i – Drag and Roll Races

July 11th, 2019

Check it out – so, the two cars featured in this video are basically the same. The Z4 has been around for a little while, but the Supra is brand new. The Supra is based on the Z4 platform and it is one of the most eagerly awaited automobiles of the last few decades.

Factory equipped with launch control, both these Austrian beauties are equipped with turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engines and 8-speed automatic transmissions. Unfortunately, there is no manual transmission, but one could be offered in later production runs. The Supra is offered only as a hardtop. The Z4 can be had as a convertible. As the cars are configured in this video, the Supra has a slight (approximately 90-pounds) weight advantage. Other than that, they are basically identical. Toyota has tweaked the air intake system and the exhaust but both cars are claiming 335hp.

First up, drag racing. The two cars line up with launch control activated. They rev the engines and the starting girl gets them going. The Toyota jumps out on the BMW from the start. He actually seems to be pulling away as he takes the win. Color me surprised. Just for good measure, they ran it again. Same result.

Roll racing is next. The cars will begin at 60 mph and run until the fuel injection shuts down at 155 mph. Once again, the Toyota gets the jump and drags the BMW all the way.

All that’s left is the braking test. Have a look for yourself.

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