60 MPH Roll Racing – 2018 Stick Shift Mustang vs. 2020 Supra and More

August 29th, 2020

Greetings fellow racing enthusiasts and welcome back to the streets (of Mexico) for some roll racing action. The competitors featured in this video have chosen to modify their vehicles for speed. Though only gently altered, these cars are so evenly matched that they should offer an interesting degree of competitiveness. Let’s go racing!

First up is a stick shift 2018 Ford Mustang (5.2-liter V8) with full bolt-ons. He’s also running E85 fuel. His opponent will be a 2020 Toyota Supra (3.0-liter I-6). The Supra has been treated to a few bolt-ons and it has been tuned. In multiple hits, this one is just too close for me to call. Great, close racing.

The manual Mustang takes on a black 2018 mustang in the next contest. Both cars have similar mods. As expected, these two clash in a very close race with the gray Mustang taking the slight (half-car) advantage in multiple hits.

After that, the original Mustang takes on a pair of 10-speed automatic Mustangs and edges them both out for a pair of wins – unexpectedly.

Finally, we have a three-way affair between the stick Mustang, a Subaru BRZ (2.0-liter 4-cylnder) and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat (supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8). The BRZ is boosted and claims 650hp. As quick as these three get going, they are interrupted by traffic. Hate when that happens!

Many more races in this clip. Have a gander for yourself.

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